Dorian Wood

Dorian Wood: Down Dirty Roof

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Artist: Dorian Wood

Artist: Dorian Wood
Title: Down Dirty Roof

Produced by DW Down, The Dirty Roof was recorded at Total Annihilation Studios, Los Angeles, CA by Eddie Rivas and mixed at Mysterious Mammal Recording, Los Angeles, CA by Matt Lynch Complete Session mixed at Blaster Master Productions, Los Angeles, CA by Ali Nikou DW: vocal, piano, manipulations Leah "Daddy" Harmon: guest vocal Michael Corwin: electric guitar Clint Heidorn: acoustic guitar Kevin Austin: trombone Bryan Diaz: saxophone Geneva Skeen: percussion, backing vocals princessFrank: percussion, backing vocals Titsy was recorded and mixed by DW at La Maison Derriere, Los Angeles, CA DW: vocal, piano, foot stomp, manipulations Americana and Hpssos/A Gospel of Elephants were recorded live at Human Resources, Los Angeles on March 21, 2014 by Alex Chaloff DW: vocal Danny Graziani: conductor/arranger Michael Corwin: guitar Leah "Daddy" Harmon: accordion/choir vocal Madeline Falcone: violin Cosima Luther: violin Paul Cartwright: violin Eric KM Clark: violin Cassia Streb: viola Christopher Votek: cello Betsy Rettig: cello Maya Barrera: oboe Juli Crockett: choir vocal Julie Carpenter: choir vocal Lisa Dee: choir vocal Ryan Leigh Seaton: choir vocal Mirr'rd Song was recorded by DW at the Beards' old flat in Manchester, UK, sometime in 2007 DW: vocal, Capri chord organ Mastered by Ali Nikou at Blaster Master Productions, Los Angeles, CA Album cover by Sarah Sitkin All songs written by DW. Copyright 2014 Why Are You Doing This Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

1.1 Down, the Dirty Roof
1.2 Titsy
1.3 Hpssos / a Gospel of Elephants
1.4 Mirr'rd Song
1.5 Americana
1.6 Down, the Dirty Roof (Complete Session)

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