Doris Day

Doris Day: Love to Be with You

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Doris Day

Artist: Doris Day
Title: Love to Be with You

2008 two CD set, the first volume of this series of releases that contain authentic recordings of the famed performer's radio program, the Doris Day Show. Love to Be with You features four consecutive episodes of her one and only radio series, which can be heard again after 50 years! The guests on this release include Gordon MacRae, Donald O'Connor, Ray Bolger, Frank Loesser, Mary Wickes and Liberace. This 2 CD full color picture disc set includes an eight page booklet, with liner notes, show dates and full track information. It is illustrated with many rare photos of Doris from the period, some with stars featured on the show. Nothing has been edited out to preserve the integrity of these shows so they are heard as originally broadcast, therefore giving today's listener the same experience as that of their original audience. Zone Records.

1.1 Intro / It's Magic (Disc 01)
1.2 Just One of Those Things
1.3 Intro Frank Loesser ; Marais ; Miranda
1.4 Around the Corner
1.5 My Darling, My Darling
1.6 If I Were a Bell
1.7 Jack Benny Show Advertisement
1.8 Intro Ray Bolger
1.9 Once in Love with Amy
1.10 Singin' in the Rain
1.11 Love to Be with You / Credits
1.12 Cancer Crusaid Fund Appeal 1952
1.13 Intro / It's Magic
1.14 (Why Did I Tell You I Was Going to) Shanghai
1.15 I've Got a Feeling You're Fooling
1.16 Intro Mary Wickes
1.17 Tell Me (Why Night's Are So Lonely)
1.18 I'm in the Mood for Love
1.19 Suspense Advertisement
1.20 Intro Ray Bolger
1.21 I'm Glad I'm Not a Rubber Ball
1.22 With a Song in My Heart
1.23 Love to Be with You / Credits
1.24 Farm Products Appeal
1.25 Intro/It's Magic (Disc 02)
1.26 Oops
1.27 A Guy Is a Guy
1.28 Intro Marais ; Miranda
1.29 Johhny Hochaby
1.30 Bing Crosby Show - CBS Advertisement
1.31 Intro Gordon McRae - Dialogue
1.32 900 Miles from My Home
1.33 Ma Says, Pa Says
1.34 Tea for Two
1.35 Love Being with You/Credits
1.36 Keep America Strong Advertisement
1.37 Intro/It's Magic
1.38 Nobody's Sweetheart
1.39 Canadian Capers
1.40 Intro Liberace - Dialogue
1.41 Mama Yo Quiero (I Want My Mama)
1.42 Please Mr Sun
1.43 Advertisement
1.44 Intro/Donald O'Connor - Dialogue
1.45 Merrily Song
1.46 Singin' in the Rain
1.47 Love Being with You/Credits
1.48 Red Cross Advertisement

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