Dosh / Ghostband

Dosh / Ghostband: Def Kith

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Artist: Dosh / Ghostband
Title: Def Kith
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited twelve inch vinyl pressing of this 2015 three track single from Dosh (Anticon, Fog, drummer for/collaborator with Andrew Bird) and Ghostband. Minneapolitan music men Martin Dosh and Jon Davis unite as Dosh & Ghostband. Together, they wreck speakers and minds with techno-addled, IDM-damaged, bass 'n' bliss groove music. They've accomplished all kinds of admirable feats apart, it's true. Together, however, the pair have discovered a brotherhood that not only speaks to their shared history in a jazz-rich Twin Cities scene, but which holds these two in a mind-meld of melody and rhythm. Their music is electronic, yes, but composed and recorded live in a Minnesota basement. The end result is more than the sum of these formidable parts. It's Dosh & Ghostband.

1.1 Twin Speak MP3
1.2 False Starts MP3
1.3 Bristol Bounce MP3
1.4 Tet a Tet

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