Double Dagger

Double Dagger: Double Dagger

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Artist: Double Dagger

Artist: Double Dagger
Title: Double Dagger

2003 debut album from the Baltimore-based Post-Punk trio. The album features original drummer Brian Dubin and is decidedly rougher than their later recordings. 10 tracks.

1.1 I Was So Bored I Wanted to Hang Myself on the Dancefloor
1.2 Corporate Logo Preservation Society
1.3 Pound of Flesh
1.4 Punk Rock Vs. Swiss Modernism
1.5 Cmyk
1.6 My Dad Has a Theory That the Internet Is the Roman Coliseum of Our Times
1.7 Command+X Command+V
1.8 Comic Book Lettering
1.9 You're Getting Paid to Make My Life Harder
1.10 Lorem Ipsum

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