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Double Image: Compositions By Stuart Saunders Smith

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Double Image

Title: Compositions By Stuart Saunders Smith
Label: CD Baby

Stuart Saunders Smith (born 1948 in Portland, Maine, USA) is a confessional composer in the New England tradition. "My music is about my life. I am after the particular, for the revelations of the particular speak to the universal. Composition, for me, is autobiographical. Composing means making sense of my person and personal history. I keep company with myself, and come to understand myself." Stuart Saunders Smith believes that every sound is intelligent and, when one listens to them, they can direct the course of events in a composition. Smith listens to each sound until it tells him what should come next.

1.1 Endless
1.2 As If Time Would Heal By It's Passing
1.3 Books of Flutes
1.4 Links No. 8 (Witness to 48 Things)

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