Doug Burrell

Doug Burrell: Buckhorn Morning

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Doug Burrell

Title: Buckhorn Morning
Label: CD Baby

Doug Burrell has been playing jazz tuba in the Toronto area for many years, performing with many of Canada's best jazz artists and recording with bands such as the critically acclaimed NOJO and the Dixie Demons. While being a sideman is a wonderful thing, Doug always dreamed of having the opportunity to present the tuba as a solo jazz instrument capable of beautiful melodies and inspired improvisation. Buckhorn Morning is the culmination of that dream. Doug has teamed up with seven of Toronto's finest musicians to play 13 tunes ranging from beautiful ballads to energetic uptempo charts. It's jazz tuba like you've never heard it before! Doug reflects on the CD. "Making Buckhorn Morning was a wonderful experience for me. When I play the tuba I really enjoy playing an expressive melody and having the opportunity to blow some solos. To have the opportunity to write my own compositions and then to be able to go into the studio and record them with the enormously talented musicians who joined me for this project was a real joy. "Buckhorn Morning, the title track of the album was written on a warm sunny morning at my summer getaway at Buckhorn Lake near Peterborough Ontario. In this composition I tried to capture the sense of peace and tranquility that I feel when I am out on the lake in my kayak, listening to the iconic call of the Loon and soaking up the sun. Seaton Trail, the other ballad on the album, was inspired by a peaceful hiking trail near my home just east of Toronto where I can go to get away from it all. Savannah tries to paint a musical picture of the African Savannah, a place where I would like to go someday if I ever have the opportunity. Several of the tunes on the album were inspired by people I work with and relatives who are near and dear. Meet the Teacher is a tip of the hat to some of the very fine teachers that I have had the pleasure of knowing and in this composition I tried to capture the boundless energy and positive presence that they bring to their classrooms. A Song for Da, Libero and Blues for Brian are all inspired by some very special people in my life. Roofpounders was composed the day that we had our roof re-shingled and it's driving rhythms were suggested to me by the relentless hammering which reverberated from above. Some of the track titles are working titles that just grew on me; Afternoon Tune was written in the afternoon, I'm Walking and Going for a Run describe my daily fitness routines. Jazz on the FM Dial pays tribute to the fine jazz programming that we enjoy here in the Toronto area and 401 Eastbound is simply the way home most days. For those who are interested, the tuba that I played on the album is a B&S model 606P pitched in C. If you decide to purchase this album I hope you really enjoy it and thanks for supporting my music!"

1.1 Afternoon Tune
1.2 Jazz on the FM Dial
1.3 A Song for Da
1.4 I'm Walking
1.5 Roof Pounders
1.6 Going for a Run
1.7 Meet the Teacher
1.8 Seaton Trail
1.9 401 Eastbound
1.10 Savannah
1.11 Libero
1.12 Buckhorn Morning
1.13 Blues for Brian

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