Doug Cowen

Doug Cowen: Valentine

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Artist: Doug Cowen

Artist: Doug Cowen
Title: Valentine

Just when you thought local music couldn't give you something new to listen to, Doug Cowen's 'Valentine' fills the void. A local fixture in Michiana over the past two decades, this is by far his best outing to date. This 11 song CD of all original material was recorded using many local musicians who enhance his music and highlight his unique writing style. ' I selected the rhythm section of Jon and Matt Webster because they could give me the exact feel I wanted,' Cowen said. ' I also called on Randy Simpson from my oId band The Basics and Lee Madison from the Benders to help on the guitars.' Cowen's musical ability is also a strong point of Valentine's feel. His soothing vocals, guitar and harmonica playing show why his talent doesn't go unnoticed. He had a regional hit in the late 80's with the song 'Easy Love' which received national air-play notable on the ABC radio network. The title track, 'Valentine,' starts the CD with a driving, yet melodic beat that gets you moving. 'Lucky Day' and 'Cryin My Heart Out' show his crossover potential in today's ever changing music market. 'Baby Run' has a lot of energy that grooves and his familiar 'Flight Envelope', once considered by Tommy James as an album cut, was the only song not written for this CD. Primarily influenced by the sounds of the sixty's, a little bit of country and the beat of rock-n-roll, this CD has something for everyone.

1.1 Valentine
1.2 Lucky Day
1.3 Baby Run
1.4 All I Wanna Do
1.5 Let Me Know
1.6 Cryin' My Heart Out
1.7 Make Me Feel Better
1.8 Flight Envelope
1.9 Turn Me on
1.10 For So Long
1.11 Somebody Like You

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