Doug Crate

Doug Crate: Atomic Orphans

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Doug Crate

Title: Atomic Orphans
Label: CD Baby

Doug Crate's Atomic Orphans is his first recording. It has an edge and a rock drive. His acoustic 12 string soars and punches like a lead electric. All tracks feature his unique driving 12 string guitar with lots of percussion and bass. Judy Harrison of the Bangor Daily News states, 'The beauty and energy of his music sweeps up listeners and carries them down a life-affirming river of hope, redemption and renewal....Crate's pounding rhythms pulsate through the human heart leaving behind the hope it needs some days to keep on beating.' Billboard Magazine says that Crate, "is on the verge of breaking out beyond the northeast." Doug did not set out to be a performer but after hearing the visionaries of the early sixties, he knew he wanted to add his voice. This vision gave him hope for a future in which humanity could work together to share the earth's bounty in a culture of inclusiveness, generosity and nurturing. In the 1990's, Doug realized that performing his whole adult life had transformed him into a musician and he began to record his music: Atomic Orphans in 1992, New Day in 1999 and Dog Soldier in 2002. Doug's unique style was developed in the early seventies jamming with conga players in Boston and Key West. He has played on TV and radio many times. His music is being played internationally and is doing exceptionally well in Australia. His home is in Maine.

1.1 Rainbow
1.2 Rock and Roll
1.3 Atomic Orphans
1.4 City Lights
1.5 Bugle Boy
1.6 Firestick
1.7 Can You Feel It
1.8 Bitchin'
1.9 Traveler
1.10 Rock Star

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