Doug Kershaw

Doug Kershaw: Kershaw (Genus Cambarus)

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Artist: Doug Kershaw

Artist: Doug Kershaw
Title: Kershaw (Genus Cambarus)

Doug Kershaw is the king of Cajun fiddlers, the original "Louisiana Man"! One of his rarest albums is this, the double album Kershaw (Genus Cambarus). It features 21 tracks including 'Diggy Liggy Lo', 'Cajun Joe' and the classic 'Louisiana Man'! We now proudly present this double album on CD featuring all the original album cover artwork.

1.1 By Tonight
1.2 Monte Carlo
1.3 She Does It
1.4 I'll Tell You Something
1.5 Stiff Upper Lip
1.6 Love Now
1.7 Apologies
1.8 The Great White Wail
1.9 Here We Are
1.10 It Takes One to Know One
1.11 I Can Show You How It Is
1.12 I'll Understand
1.13 Hey Sheriff
1.14 Mister Love
1.15 Make Me Realize
1.16 Cheated Too
1.17 Love Me to Pieces
1.18 You'll See
1.19 Hey, You There
1.20 Money
1.21 So Lovely Baby

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