Douglas Laferle: Liquid Architecture

Douglas Laferle: Liquid Architecture
Title: Liquid Architecture
Label: CD Baby

Douglas La Ferle and Clark Kent have something in common. No, La Ferle is not Superman, but he is a mild-mannered architect by day and an artist/musician by night. Then again- maybe the comparison is closer to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. What all of La Ferle's Sybil-esque multiple personalities share is the sheer love of the creative process. And this creativity is most evident in his approach to music. A multi-instrumentalist, La Ferle is less a performance artist and more of a music alchemist. He is content to spend night after night alone in his lab concocting new and different musical potions. He approaches each CD as a stand alone musical project. For example, in this,La Ferle's first CD - liquid architecture- the music is inspired by the built environment. It's not 'high brow' - this is fun stuff. The CD revives the lost art of pop instrumentals - such as 'Green Onions', 'Walk, Don't Run' and 'Classical Gas'. Only the approach has been updated to the 21st century. It's hard to find something to compare it too - Imagine Prokofiev and Elfman dining with Booker T at the Penguin Café. The music has power and energy. Schelling is quoted as saying 'Architecture is frozen music' this CD definitely heats up the topic. In La Ferle's second release - neither stick nor stone - has a totally different concept. When you're a middle-aged baby boomer it's hard to relate to much of the teenage angst expressed in today's lyrics. Here is a set of songs that addresses 'more mature' issues. Whether it's a father's advice to his son, or a nine-to-fiver still dreaming of being James Bond, these songs will appeal to rockers embarking on the second half of life. The songwriting and arrangements are reminiscent of the late 60's early 70's sense of sonic experimentation, everything from acoustic guitar and horn arrangements to hammer and anvil. . This is folky pop. Recipe: Start with Harry Nilsson, add some Johnny Rivers and a little early Todd Rundgren - mix. Season with influences of five decades of music. Portions: Serves 15 songs.

1.1 It Lives
1.2 ';#166;And Angels at Her Feet
1.3 In the Ant Farm
1.4 Under Iguana Sun
1.5 The Golden Mean
1.6 Ghosts of the Old South
1.7 Surf City
1.8 New World
1.9 God in the Details
1.10 Brick By Brick
1.11 Sea of Grey
1.12 Same Place, Another Time
1.13 Liquid Architecture
1.14 Necropolis Nights

Douglas Laferle: Liquid Architecture

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