Dow Kevin Buford

Dow Kevin Buford: Black Innovations That Build This Nation

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Product Type: CD

Title: Black Innovations That Build This Nation
Label: CD Baby

"It's really the new Black Anthem," says Micah, whose firm created Dow's first commercial, Black Innovations That Built This Nation CD. The excitement surrounding this CD is that which has become an educational, music expose of 100 critically needed, patented inventions by African-Americans since the 18th Century. Black Innovations That Built This Nation, incisively promotes ethnic healing with previously unknown Black inventors' patented inventions, reflecting the powerful intellect and fortitude of African-American inventors, who crafted their products since slavery and throughout the present. It's a novelty delightfully revealing inventions by Blacks while reaffirming and impacting positive African American self-esteem and dignity. Black Innovations That Built This Nation's Simply Marvelous Records envisions their CD's capacity to reduce racism, with strategic plans to place their literary reference guide in numerous African-American institutions and other outlets. The dismal state of many U.S. Black families fosters the need for this CD and poster in African-American households, plus African and Caribbean venues where great facts about indigenous Blacks are overdue. Inevitably, this CD should help Americans and foreigners end their myths about most successful African Americans being entertainers and athletes, aside from labeling other Blacks as "lazy." A Fresh Air Fund, Italian, adoptee, father, of a Black male teen, wants this CD and poster in U.S. Police Stations.

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