Down & Dirty: Easy Money

Down & Dirty: Easy Money
Title: Easy Money
Label: CD Baby

Group Profile: V-Bilt Just 30 minutes from New Orleans and about 1 hour from Baton Rouge lies a small town, in St. John Parish, Similar to any other hood world wide. Ranging from young cats hustling to get what they desire, to families struggling to make ends meet. SJP is also the birthplace of the super group V-BiLT. The name originates from the wealthy well-known Vanderbilt family in the 1800's who strived and hustled to become one of the riches families in the history of America, which is similar to what these young men are trying to become, one of the riches families in America gaining money, power, and respect along the way. The group consist of Tejuan (S.P.I) Cook born October 10,1984, Rayshone (Jimi "MOSSBERG" Burke) Manuel born July 26, 1984, Rodrick (ROC HARD) Placide born October, 7 1982 and extended member super-producer Adrian (Bistro) Usand born September 9, 1986. Established in 1999, V-BiLT isn't your average rap group, with a more national style ranging from street corner music, to club jams, to that hip-hop feel good music. After losing a number of members due to disloyalty, cowardess or watever the case may be. V-BiLT has made a bond among each other that goes beyond music, DBD (Death Before Dishonor), Keeping their circle nice and tight. To sum it up in three words and I qoute 'WE CAN'T LOSE'. Email: Email: Email: Email: __ Artist Profile: Trouble When choosing a stage name most artists pick a name that personifies who they are or the message that there're trying to get across. And never has there been a better example of this than troublemaker. Cut from his mother's womb on her 28th birthday. Trouble made his timely entrance into the world. Raised in Glen Oaks, Trouble spent his youth like most kids from the inner city fighting, playing pick up football, and messing with girls. With his history of quick tempered rage and heavy hands Trouble was continuously suspended from or had detention after and sometimes during school. It wasn't until his 10th grade year in high school that Trouble discovered he had a talent for writing. Using this as a relief valve for his pent up aggression, Trouble rapidly improved as a poet.. After graduating,Trouble, joined the military. Always living up to his name, Trouble continued getting into skirmishes. He recorded his first song in Mississippi in a small studio used for gospel. Trouble competed with other want to be rappers, and gained a lot of street credit. Once or twice he was offered contracts on a couple of local Mississippi labels, now he began to dream bigger dreams for his talent. It was not until 2001 when Trouble returned home from the Navy that he linked up with New World Entertainment. It was at New World Entertainment that Trouble got noticed for his ability, confidence, and drive. Trouble's now a permanent fixture on the team. Now Troublemaker has only to make history, instead of recalling it. Email: __ Artist Profile: Lucky Ron "Lucky" Shaw born and raised in Monroe, Louisiana. This young protégé started free-styling and battle rapping in grammar school, taking on other neighborhood kids, his age and older. A former member of the infamous underground group "H-T-B", aka Hollow Tip Boyz, Lucky was discovered by Romney Manuel/CEO of New World Ent. Group, it was instantly after hearing the young rapper's, sick southern-style flow, with crafty word-play and unlimited potential, that immediately made the unsigned artist, New World's number one draft pick. After meeting and securing approval from Lucky's guardian, the plan commenced. That's where it all began, since then Lucky has been blazing the dirty south's underground mixtape circuit, has featured on tracks produced by NO Limit Record's hot producer "Drumma Boy", and New World Entertainment's super-producer "Bistro". He is currently working the mixtape scene and will be featured on the "Down and Dirty" compilation and other upcoming New World projects. Email: __ Artist Profile: Bandit In his prior affiliation with various label during his tenure abroad, Bandit developed the skills needed to lead a group of individuals to perform as a team, playing to the best of their abilities. Honing his ear for music and studying what it took to captivate an audience, Bandit was prepared for the next level of growth. Using this experience, he helped in the artistic production of 'Down & Dirty - Hood Compilation 1', featuring on a few songs, and motivating other artists to perform their very best. Bandit is equipped to handle all projects that come his way and is eager to begin the quest of bringing New World Entertainment to the top of the music industry. Email: __ Artist Profile: Cyde Coming from the capital city of Louisiana Ewell Netter always had love for music. Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana "Suacyde" pronounced "suicide" predominately listened to southern artist such as Scarface, No Limit, UGK, Cash Money, Eightball & MJG, and Outkast but fell in love with rap when listening to Snoop Dogg "Doggstyle" and Bone Thug-n-Harmony "Creepin on the Come Up" . "I fell in love with the way it made me feel, how I reacted when I heard it". One day while watching his brother battle another rapper he then realized that rapping was what he wanted to do. "The way he had the crowd waiting on each word was something I wanted to do, I wanted the crowd to wait on each word, I wanted the people to feel me". Suacyde then began rapping in Houston with a local group call L.A.B. He then came back to Baton Rouge to hook up with New World Entertainment, where he anchored the group Southpaw. Cyde's motivation is to show the nation that Louisiana has more than bounce or buck music. "We have lyricist down here, people who got wordplay that's why I call myself the Truth of the City cause lyrically I'm the truth hands down". Email: __ Artist Profile: B.R.A.D. B.R.A.D. better known as Baton Rouge Armed and Dangerous embodies the streets. He is a physical representation of the hustle, the struggle, the grind, and the pain. His deep, gritty, southern droll speaks for the hood. Not just one hood, but all hoods. His callused and scarred hands shine like medals earned from battles fought in the streets of his city. Loyalty is his code. With his family crest tattooed on his back, he commands fear and respect from those around him. B.R.A.D. is well known in the streets of Baton Rouge, but he is known even better in the streets of Glen Oaks. Being one of the newer members to the New World family B.R.A.D. shows much promise for the future. In his heart is the struggle, and in his blood is the hustle, money on his mind, the streets are his muscle. He has often said many time in the studio that he will always speak for the streets, and with his competitive nature and burning drive to succeed it would appear that the city of Baton Rouge has inherited one hell of a spokesman. Email:

1.1 Certified!
1.2 In My Gangsta!
1.3 Ni@@A Like Me!
1.4 Gangsta Walk!
1.5 B.R. Love
1.6 Hightimes!
1.7 Can't Help Myself!

Down & Dirty: Easy Money

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