Down: Down III Over Under

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Artist: Down

Artist: Down
Title: Down III Over Under

Down are a band molded and twisted by their environment. Passionate, focused, hanging on to their pride, the war torn history of the brotherhood is a tribute to stubbornness and retribution - an introspection in rock, blues and metal as an inspiration/instigation for the ages. There is no label for what Down does, as are there no labels for the 'thousand miles from New York' bands that share members with them; Crowbar, Corrosion of Conformity, EyeHateGod, and Pantera. This is chemistry. This is post-Katrina New Orleans. Through the wreckage and wretchedness, the third Down album 'Over the Under' is poised fanatically on the edge. Down are considered somewhat of a southern rock/metal supergroup featuring Phillip Anselmo (ex-Pantera/Superjoint Ritual), Rex Brown (ex-Pantera), Jimmy Bower (ex-eyehategod, Crowbar), Kirk Winderstien (ex-Crowbar), Pepper Kennan (ex- Corrosion of Conformity). 'Over the Under' is the band's first in five years. What makes it their strongest yet is that it's also the first time that Down is not a side-project for it's various members and 'Over the Under' gets the full brunt of their collective creative energies.

1.1 Three Suns and One Star
1.2 The Path
1.3 N.O.D
1.4 I Scream
1.5 On March the Saints
1.6 Never Try
1.7 Mourn
1.8 Beneath the Tides
1.9 His Majesty the Desert
1.10 Pillamyd
1.11 In the Thrall of It All
1.12 Nothing in Return (Walk Away)

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