Down the Line

Down the Line: Please Remember My Name

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Down the Line

Title: Please Remember My Name
Label: CD Baby

Chicago's Down the Line continues to demonstrate that you don't need electricity to generate real power. Their music delivers mighty hooks and harmonies within smart songcraft and truly shining vocals. It's an acoustic mix-guitar, mandolin, violin, harmonica and djembe, driven by a lone-electric bass-that the Chicago Sun-Times praised as "an organic blend of rollicking pop." The group prefers to describe their sound more simply: acoustic pop. (Although when pressed, they explain, "If The Cars had kids with Fleetwood Mac, well, they'd probably sound like us.") However you label them, Down the Line creates music that's pure, unique and unforgettable.

1.1 Please Remember My Name
1.2 Settle for Me
1.3 Running to Me
1.4 Change Your Mind
1.5 I Don't Want to Sing
1.6 A Boy Like Me
1.7 Love to Kill
1.8 Shadow of a Doubt
1.9 Down Together
1.10 Just the Wind
1.11 Wait 'Til Tomorrow
1.12 I Guess You Know Me Now
1.13 Two Hands
1.14 Used to Be

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