Down to This

Down to This: Life Blood

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Artist: Down to This

Artist: Down to This
Title: Life Blood

Formed in the fall of 2008, four dudes who are sick of fake ass scenesters and trendy flavor of the month local bands, started a bare bones hardcore band dedicated to real, straightforward expression through brutal,fast music and honest lyrics. D2T stands with all 4 original members, RAY RAY,XCARTERX,JOSHand NIBROC with a little help form XNICKTOTHISX, as a solid force in NC hardcore with a strong batch of new songs. See ya's in da pit!

1.1 Livin Proof
1.2 Life Blood
1.3 End the Lie
1.4 What Did You Expect
1.5 Remix
1.6 Down to This

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