Downes Braide Association

Downes Braide Association: Suburban Ghosts

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Artist: Downes Braide Association
Title: Suburban Ghosts

2015 collaboration project. Geoff Downes is the keyboardist in The Buggles, Asia and Yes. He co-wrote the hits "Video Killed The Radio Star" and "Heat Of The Moment". Chris Braide is an award-winning British singer, songwriter and producer based in Los Angeles and recipient of the acclaimed Ivor Novella award as well as ASCAP and Billboard awards. Braide has written and produced for many artists including Sia, Lana Del Rey, David Guetta, Afrojack and recently produced Marc Almond's album The Velvet Trail.

1.1 Machinery of Fate
1.2 Suburban Ghosts - Parts 1 and 2
1.3 Suburban Ghosts - Part 3
1.4 Vanity
1.5 Number One
1.6 Interlude
1.7 North Sea
1.8 One of the Few
1.9 Time Goes Fast
1.10 Live Twice
1.11 Dreaming of England
1.12 Finale

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