Dr. Al

Dr. Al: One Time Only Kid

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dr. Al

Title: One Time Only Kid
Label: CD Baby

Al Lemerande Jr. is a medical doctor who has been singing and playing music ever since he was just a shrimp. Being only 5'7' tall, some maintain that he is still a shrimp. He disputes this, however. How it all began... One evening, Dr. Al was sitting around with his son and baby daughter who had just finished her bath. Together, they were all listening to some popular children's music on the CD player. Suddenly, it became very apparent to Dr. Al that something was very wrong. He quickly jumped up and called his wife because his daughter had just peed all over his leg. But that wasn't all... No... Something else was amiss...After his wife had whisked his leaky little princess away, it was then that it hit him, like a bolt out of the blue, like a ton of bricks, like some other overly-used metaphor, that the music they had all been listening to was about as inspiring as a tuba player in a funeral procession. On top of that, it was about as intellectually stimulating as a commercial-free Gilligan's Island T.V. marathon. 'After all,' he thought, 'Kid's are not stupid. Why talk to them like they're stupid? Why sing songs to them about stupid things like that a snake has no legs? My son has eight thousand Pokemon characters memorized. I think he knows that a snake has no legs.' So in a fit of inspiration Dr. Al did the unthinkable, but what he knew had to be done. He put together a CD of songs with information about why tickling is healthy for kids, why chewing food is important for good digestion, why it makes you a better person if you share, why you shouldn't shut the door on your little sister when you see her coming towards you down the hall and how the foods you eat build up your body every day. Life has been much better for him, his kids and thousands of kids all over the world since then.

1.1 The Tickle Me Song
1.2 A One Time Only Kid
1.3 Bellomy Street
1.4 Don't Run Down Your Sister
1.5 Chew, Chew, Chew
1.6 Building You
1.7 The Yelling Song
1.8 It's Better to Share
1.9 Planet Earth
1.10 You Can Always Be Better

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