Dr. & D

Dr. & D: Doctor Skoob's Gringo Sol

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dr. & D

Title: Doctor Skoob's Gringo Sol
Label: CD Baby

Biography Doctor Skoob of Lubbock, Texas create a cosmic mix of funky Americana folk rock that never seems to stop evolving from one moment to the next. Touted as part of 'Lubbock's Next Big Sound', Doctor Skoob has created a truly unique style all their own while still not forgetting their roots. In a town known for musical innovators like Bob Wills, Buddy Holly, and Joe Ely; the Skoob have done more than hold their own. They've blazed their own trail. Lead by front man, Doug Haines (a.k.a. Skoob), who has built his reputation as a performer, an entertainer, and as a brilliant songwriter by capturing his audiences and bringing them into his world while the band provides the soundtrack to the listener's experience. Doctor Skoob has worked with acts such as Tim Reynolds, Joe Ely, Taj Mahal, Al Perkins, the Eric McFadden Trio, Thiftstore Cowboys, Cary Swinney, The Original Texas BelAirs, Los Sonsabitches, Larry, Yamn, and Moving Matter to name just a few. They have also headlined stages at the Lubbock Music Festival, the West Texas Music Festival, and the Fourth on Broadway Festival, as well as being a showcase artist at the Buddy Holly Center & Museum in 2005, 2006, and now in 2007 showcasing the best in Texas original music. Come take a trip with the Skoob!

1.1 Two Trains
1.2 The Shelf
1.3 Say Something
1.4 Vegan Interior
1.5 Mona
1.6 She Comes (In Slowly)
1.7 The Distance
1.8 The Indian (On the Road)
1.9 Whatcha Gonna Do
1.10 Spinning
1.11 Who, What, When, Where
1.12 Wonderin'

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