Dr. Dog

Dr. Dog: We All Belong

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dr. Dog

Artist: Dr. Dog
Title: We All Belong

Abandoning their usual method of production and opting for a new experience, Dr. Dog recorded WE ALL BELONG on a twenty-four-track, two-inch tape machine as opposed to their previous releases, which were recorded on their faithful eight-track. To a band that thrives on using creative muscle to overcome the inherent limitations of a minimal amount of equipment, the twenty-four-track introduced new possibilities as new challenges. Taking full advantage of both, Dr. Dog managed to make an album that captures the organic spirit so important to the band while introducing new layers of vocal harmonies and textured instrumentation the band had only been able to imagine prior. "Continuing a Philly psychedelic tradition that spans from Bardo Pond to Sun Ra. - Spin"

1.1 Old News
1.2 My Old Ways
1.3 Keep a Friend
1.4 The Girl
1.5 Alaska
1.6 Weekend
1.7 Ain't It Strange
1.8 Worst Trip
1.9 The Way the Lazy Do
1.10 Die, Die, Die
1.11 We All Belong

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