Dr. Julie Trudeau

Dr. Julie Trudeau: Musical Luminescent Amaranth

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Product Type: CD

Title: Musical Luminescent Amaranth
Label: CD Baby

1.1 Introduction to Creating the Unfading Flower
1.2 Storing the Memory of the Guided Journey
1.3 Forming the Red Petal
1.4 Forming the Peach Pink Petal
1.5 Forming the Orange Petal
1.6 Forming the Yellow Petal
1.7 Forming the Golden Green Petal
1.8 Forming the Scarlet Petal
1.9 Forming the Magenta Petal
1.10 Forming the Green Petal
1.11 Forming the Turquoise Petal
1.12 Forming the Blue Petal
1.13 Forming the Indigo Petal
1.14 Forming the Violet Petal
1.15 Blooming the Vibrational Unfading, Rainbow Flower
1.16 Radiating the Sacred Dance of Peaceful Strength
1.17 Rememberance of Our Flowers in the Glorious Garden
1.18 Union with the Dove of Universal Love

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