Dr. Louchrisa Ford High

Dr. Louchrisa Ford High: Math Eurhythmics

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Title: Math Eurhythmics
Label: CD Baby

Dr. High composed the Math Eurhythmics program specifically to help elementary and middle school students who were having problems learning math concepts. The CD and songbook have been piloted tested, and in every instance student achievement in math improved. It is one of the best educational tools to reinforce math concepts and multiplication tables. The Math Eurhythmic songbook and the Teacher's Manual can be ordered by sending an email request to the following email address: lucyhigh@aol.com MATH EURHYTHMICS TEACHER'S MANUAL Comprehensive. Pages are in a loose-leaf binder and are copy-ready. Includes parent/student drills, and exercises for each math concept on the CD. Price: $40.00 MATH EURHYTHMICS SONGBOOK Contains the lyrics to the songs. The lyrics explain the math concepts. Price: $15.00 TESTIMONIALS Judy Horner stated, 'We have a lot of 'kids at risk' and I loved the way you put the program together.'... My friend and I have started a tutoring program for 4th graders after school two days a week...it's basically set up to help them score better on the ESPA test coming up in April. Out of the 80 fourth graders in our school, we have 72 attending this program on a regular basis. We each take half...she's working on math and I'm working on Lanugage. These kids love it (Math Eurhythmics)..they keep telling their teachers and the counselor how much fun it is. I'm amazed myself.' Judyth Jones, Quest Teacher, stated, 'The Math Eurhythmics Program is the best program I have ever used to help my students generate a better sense of self-worth and dignity. The Math Eurhythmic program is exceptional and the students love and enjoy singing the math songs. They have a better attitude toward doing math. In addition, since we have been using this program our students have scored above the national average in math.' Lawrence White, Math Teacher stated ' This is the most innovative supplementary math program that I have used. The students have a new attitude towards math and they enjoy singing the songs immensely. One of my students said, ' My mother makes me go to bed listening to my Math Eurhythmics CD every night, because she listens to my CD during the day.'

1.1 Educate Your Mind (6X)
1.2 It's Like Heaven (7X)
1.3 Eight Is Great (8X)
1.4 Nine Is Fine (9X)
1.5 One-Zero Hero (10X)
1.6 Mighty One-One (11X)
1.7 Ruler 12 (12X)
1.8 Parts of a Fraction
1.9 Adding Fractions (Let's Add Those Fractions)
1.10 Subtraction Fractions (Get Back)
1.11 Adding and Subtracting a Whole Number and a Fraction
1.12 Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers [No Threat]
1.13 I Believe I Can Multiply
1.14 Dividing Fractions
1.15 Rules of Division
1.16 Division Process
1.17 Ten Hounds (Decimal Places)
1.18 Decimals
1.19 Jingle Jangle
1.20 Geometric Points
1.21 Area Hunt (Finding the Area)

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