Dr. Maybe: Kokoro Ire

Dr. Maybe: Kokoro Ire
Title: Kokoro Ire
Label: CD Baby

There may be a universe where Dr. Maybe is a hero of legend. There may be a universe where Dr. Maybe is the star of a science fiction movie, written and directed by himself. But in our universe, only the soundtrack remains.... No corporeal emanation of the Doctor has revealed itself in our world. But from a dimension outside the bounds of our reality, Dr. Maybe brings us his music, that most ethereal of art forms, channeled through the earth-bound talents of Beirut-born guitarist and composer John Prusinski. Kokoro Ire is the new album from Dr. Maybe. The music is an eclectic blend of world music, electronica, and electric guitar. It is a soundtrack for a movie from another dimension, set in a future where the descendants of Earth populate desert worlds, and massive starships, like overcrowded Eastern bazaars, teem with intrigue, magic, and strange beauty.

1.1 Mothership
1.2 Little China
1.3 Why Do Humans
1.4 Reaktion
1.5 New World
1.6 Translogic
1.7 Water-Moon Rising
1.8 Skir Dhu

Dr. Maybe: Kokoro Ire

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