Dr. Mint

Dr. Mint: Visions & Nightmares

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dr. Mint

Title: Visions & Nightmares
Label: CD Baby

Formed in late 2007, Dr. Mint is dedicated to the process of spontaneous composition - intuitive group improvisation focused on fluid and cohesive musical construction. Visions and Nightmares and Apocalytptica are two such improvisations, and have been indexed for release and radio consideration. These were recorded consecutively on August 26th, 2007, and are uncut, unedited, and unabridged. Dr. Mint is Caleb Dolister (drums), Daniel Rosenboom (trumpets), Sam Minaie (bass and loop effects), Alex Noice (guitar and sampling), and Gavin Templeton (saxophones). Collectively, the members of Dr. Mint have played over 1000 shows with various other ensembles, including: PLOTZ!, the Industrial Jazz Group, Little Wooden Bridge, Vinny Golia Quintet and Large Ensemble, Los Angeles Philharmonic New Music Group, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, Philharmonie der Nationen, Eastman Wind Ensemble, The Sonic Nation, The Mechanical Birds, Medulla Oblongata Ensemble, The Captain Midnight Band, SolJibe, Operation Panda, Laura A and the Bad Grades, Axis Trio, The Jimdangles, the Kathleen Grace Band, Peter Epstein Quartet, Los Angeles Trumpet Quartet, Bjorkestra, the Runs, Her Big Hard Jungle Monkey presents, Book of Riddles, Mute, Miroslav Tadic, Matt Otto, Joe Labarbera, Wadada Leo Smith, Adam Benjamin, Tigrin Hamasian, David Ake, Charlie Haden, Petra Haden, Tanya Haden, Rachel Haden, and many others. Imagine Ornette Coleman, Wadada Leo Smith, Vinny Golia, Godflesh, Jimi Hendrix, Squarepusher, Maurice Ravel, Don Cherry, Nels Cline, Alban Berg, Jackson Pollack, John Zorn, Dave Douglas, Frank Zappa, Mike Patton, Henry Threadgill, Claude Debussy, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Weather Report, Primus, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Pearl Jam, and Karlheinz Stockhausen all rolled up into a fluid discourse of intuitive music-making.

1.1 First Light
1.2 Gathering
1.3 Fire Flight
1.4 Submerge
1.5 Duel in the Deep
1.6 Breach
1.7 Waiting
1.8 Soma
1.9 Chasing Dreams
1.10 Rift
1.11 Dance for Fire Reign
1.12 The Horsemen Ride
1.13 Wasteland
1.14 Summon the Shadow Sun
1.15 Summon the Shadow Sun

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