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Dr Oakroot's Tonic: Bosnujo

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Title: Bosnujo
Label: CD Baby

One day in 1999, Doctor Oakroot rolled out of bed on a Saturday morning, concerned about the Kosovo conflict that was then heating up. 'Not more ethnic cleansing! What's wrong with those jerks?' Well, he pulled out his guitar and a cheap-o four track recorder and started laying down some basic tracks. 'Bosnia', released by Oakroot's earlier band, Emrys, in 1996, was still appropriate to the current mess... but with more sadness than the anger that inspired 'Bosnia', Oakroot composed 'Never This Time' on the fly - bringing the ethnic cleansing against his own people into the discussion. The recording continued with 'What Does Your Fear Make You Do?' - a more general song which incidentally discusses a possible cause of violence. The final song, 'Bosnujo', is a more uptempo version of 'Bosnia' translated into Esperanto - the international language. (Final? well keep listening... there's a surprise). About the time Oakroot finished the basic recordings, drummer, Robert Byrd showed up for practice. The band was short a bassist at the time, so Oakroot on bass and Byrd on drums filled in the rhythm parts. As usual, harpman, Buddy E. arrived a bit late for practice... just in time to add his marvelous harp licks to the tape. To finish things out, Byrd, who had played the guitar solo on the original 1996 recording of 'Bosnia' added the same solo to 'Bosnujo.' About a month later, the CD was released to critical acclaim: 'Oakroot's been playing guitar for 30 years and has developed a mean slide delivery' - Chuck Waters, The Independent.

1.1 Bosnia
1.2 Never This Time
1.3 What Does Your Fear Make You Do?
1.4 Bosnujo

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