Dr. Silke

Dr. Silke: Awakening to the Reality That You Are Never Alone

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Artist: Dr. Silke

Artist: Dr. Silke
Title: Awakening to the Reality That You Are Never Alone

Silke Vogelmann-Sine, Ph.D. (Dr. Silke) is a licensed psychologist who has been in private practice in Honolulu, Hawaii, for over 20 years. She believes that healing and inner peace can occur when we begin to awaken to the experience that part of us is immortal and has a connection to universal energy. Healing the illusion of separation and awakening to the knowledge and experience that we are connected brings us inner peace. The healing journey from fear to the understanding of love and peace involves recognizing that satisfaction and happiness is not external to us. Money, fame, or status certainly assists us in achieving a more comfortable existence, but it does not bring lasting peace or satisfaction. We can achieve inner peace by going inside and experiencing our connection with universal energy. By feeling secure and safe through the awareness that we are indeed connected and cared for, we can begin to experience compassion and caring for ourselves and others. We can become passionate about our lives; we can begin to see the larger picture of our existence. Truth, trust, and passion are guiding principles towards that goal. Dr. Silke believes we can all begin the healing process. We need to be willing to uncover layers of illusions we have created and face our feelings and life situations. Healing can proceed slowly and gently, one step at a time. In order to begin your healing journey, you may require many tools. Dr. Silke has created a CD called 'Awakening' which assists you in the process of connecting with your higher energy. She is currently in the process of creating additional CDs, which can assist you in better understanding our particular life situation and enable you to see new options and choices.

1.1 Open Your Heart
1.2 Let's Communicate
1.3 Doubt
1.4 Illness
1.5 Feeling Lonely
1.6 Gratefulness

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