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Dr. V: DR.V

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Artist: Dr. V

Artist: Dr. V
Title: DR.V

The debut album, DR.V, was recorded by Bjorn Thorsrud (Smashing Pumpkins, Dandy Warhols) at Electrical Audio (Steve Albini's studio) in Chicago. It represents a collection of songs which were written during a dark period in my life. This album was recorded over a period of three years. I still to this day, don't remember much about the recording of the album. That was Bjorn's job. But, with Bjorn's expertise and guidance he showed me what it takes to create something special. I hope people enjoy listening to the album as much as I do. Lot's of hooks and crannies.

1.1 American Dream
1.2 Coming Home
1.3 60 X a Day
1.4 Crash
1.5 Miles Away
1.6 Alive
1.7 Rosehill

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