Dr. Val

Dr. Val: There Is None Like Him

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dr. Val

Title: There Is None Like Him
Label: CD Baby

Every now and then God 'downloads' extraordinary gifts in His servants, and that is certainly the case with Rev. Dr. Velma Smith, or as her friends have come to call her, 'Dr. Val'. She is an accomplished songwriter, skillful lyricist, a prolific preacher, a much sought-after emcee and a vibrant radio personality. Dr. Val is a native Washingtonian and has received her Masters of Divinity degree from Howard University School of Divinity and her doctorate from the American Institute of Theology. She is currently an associate minister and member of the Full Gospel Church of the Lord's Mission International in Washington, D.C. under the dynamic leadership of Bishop Dr. Judy Fisher and Pastor Edward Fisher, MD. In addition to a thriving ministry in this country, which includes radio programs, speaking engagements and the Navaho Indian Reservation in Monument Valley, Utah, Dr. Val also ministers internationally, in places as far-flung as Kenya and India. In this, her debut CD, Dr. Val, along with her producer, Butch Ingram have told a commanding musical story which prepares the listener for an authentic worship experience which ends well. The lyrics are both tastefully and elegantly oriented against a musical smorgasbord of gospel music from various genres, including traditional, contemporary, smooth jazz, snippets of 'old school' gospel with touches of R&B flavor. This dynamic two-disc package definitely offers something for everyone.

1.1 You Can Depend on God
1.2 Whence Cometh My Help
1.3 It's Not Over
1.4 Caught in the Thicket
1.5 He Was There All the Time
1.6 God Is the Difference
1.7 Pray Until Something Happens
1.8 There Is None Like Him
1.9 God Will Make Room for You
2.1 The Gifts You Placed in Me
2.2 Follow Me
2.3 Three Men, Three Crosses, Three Deaths
2.4 The Giver or the Gift
2.5 Call Him
2.6 Half the Story
2.7 Only God's Love
2.8 God's Family Tree
2.9 God Can Surely Do

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