Dragonforce: Killer Elite

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dragonforce

Artist: Dragonforce
Title: Killer Elite

Two CD set. 2016 collection that contains 22 career- encompassing tracks. Features hits and live material fully showcasing the ambition, variety and skill of the group's six studio albums. Contains elements of thrash, speed and power metal.

1.1 Through the Fire and Flames
1.2 Holding on
1.3 Heroes of Our Time
1.4 Cry Thunder
1.5 Black Fire
1.6 Dawn Over a New World
1.7 Fields of Despair
1.8 The Game
1.9 Operation Ground and Pound
1.10 Seasons
1.11 Reasons to Live
1.12 Soldiers of the Wastelands
2.1 Valley of the Damned
2.2 Fury of the Storm
2.3 Revolution Deathsquad
2.4 Wings of Liberty
2.5 My Spirit Will Go on
2.6 Three Hammers
2.7 Symphony of the Night
2.8 The Last Journey Home
2.9 Starfire
2.10 Heart of a Dragon

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