Dragonforce: The Power Within

Dragonforce: The Power Within
Title: The Power Within
Label: Roadrunner Records

DragonForce has returned with a new singer and a a new renewed sense of purpose. Led by the blistering track "Fallen World" THE POWER WITHIN is a true return to power metal form. The album also features diverse tracks like "Cry Thunder" and "Seasons" which shows the range of the band and their new frontman.

1.1 Holding on
1.2 Fallen World
1.3 Cry Thunder
1.4 Give Me the Night
1.5 Wings of Liberty
1.6 Seasons
1.7 Heart of the Storm
1.8 Die By the Sword
1.9 Last Man Stands
1.10 Seasons [Acoustic Version] [Version]

Dragonforce: The Power Within

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