Dragonland: Battle of the Ivory Plains

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dragonland

Title: Battle of the Ivory Plains
Label: Afm Records

Epic, bombastic and dramatic: Sweden's Dragonland are a classic power metal band that evolves and follows their ultimate goal: To create a larger-than life, epic, yet organic sound that becomes the ultimate fantasy soundtrack. The Battle of the Ivory Plains kicked off the bands journey in 2001 and will now be re-issued - with bonus tracks & new covers/layouts.

1.1 Dragondawn
1.2 Storming Across Heaven
1.3 A Last Farewell
1.4 Ride for Glory
1.5 The Orcish March
1.6 The Battle of the Ivory Plains
1.7 Graveheart
1.8 Rondo Alla Turca
1.9 A Secret Unveiled
1.10 World's End
1.11 Dragondusk
1.12 A New Dawn (2014)

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