Dragonship: Elves' Prophecy

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dragonship

Title: Elves' Prophecy
Label: CD Baby

What is The Elves' Prophecy? A rock opera set in the ninth century, based on the second novel in Jodie Forrest's Nordic-Celtic 'Rhymer and the Ravens' fantasy trilogy. All the songs were composed by Steve Forrest and arranged by Dragonship. Rhymes between the songs were written by Steve and Jodie, and the band created the music. THE BAND: Rhiannon Jones sings lead and plays violin and various percussion instruments. Jodie Forrest plays bass and keyboard. Scotty Young plays the drums and sings harmony. Steven Forrest plays guitars and sings lead. And many thanks to Steve Sky, our brilliant sound engineer! THE BACKGROUND: Tomas the Rhymer is now a Mage, having barely escaped from the collapse of the realm of the Norse gods. He had been sent there by the Welsh Elf Queen, Moira, to steal the god Odin's magical ravens. Tomas now has a magician's powers, which he understands and controls only a little. As allies, he has the ravens, Thought and Memory. Unwittingly, he is also about to become the father of twins-Moira is pregnant by him. Tomas desperately needs counsel and training.

1.1 This Is His Hour
1.2 Never Begins with Now
1.3 Nissyen
1.4 The Elves' Prophecy
1.5 The Moon's in the Marrow
1.6 Cup of Treason
1.7 On Your Knees
1.8 In the Silence
1.9 Faerie Queen
1.10 Sure Love
1.11 Pagan Nights

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