Dream Theater

Dream Theater: Black Clouds & Silver Linings

$107.48 $124.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Dream Theater

Title: Black Clouds & Silver Linings
Label: Roadrunner Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

The contents of the box set is packaged in a silver foil embossed black velvet box including: 3 CD Special Edition, 180-Gram Double LP, "Producer's Edition" disc with isolated audio tracks of the entire album. Also featuring a numbered lithograph by Hugh Syme, and a mouse pad.

1.1 A Nightmare to Remember
1.2 A Rite of Passage
1.3 Wither
1.4 The Shattered Fortress
1.5 The Best of Times
1.6 The Count of Tuscany
2.1 6 Cover Versions
3.1 A Nightmare to Remember (Instrumental)
3.2 A Rite of Passage (Instrumental)
3.3 Wither (Instrumental)
3.4 The Shattered Fortress (Instrumental)
3.5 The Best of Times (Instrumental)
3.6 The Count of Tuscany (Instrumental)
4.1 DVD: Stem Mixes of Standard CD

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