Dreamscape: Dreamscape

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Artist: Dreamscape

Artist: Dreamscape
Title: Dreamscape

Indigenous flutes lead the way. Native Ameican Love Flute (played by Shining Blue Star), pan flutes (played by Eduardo Gonzales) from Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia, quenas, zamponas, etc. Followed by the strings of Sixto Gonzales who uses guitars, charango, and mandoline. Then comes in master percussionist Jim McGrath who uses a wide variety of instruments from around the world. The result is a remarkable display of Native music from the Americas!!!

1.1 The Truth
1.2 The Breeze
1.3 Dancing with Demons
1.4 Dream Traveler
1.5 Indigenous Whim
1.6 Galloping Through Ecstacy
1.7 Lonely Soul
1.8 Dreamscape
1.9 Trudging the Road
1.10 Mystic Rain

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