Drew De Four: Love & Politics on a Piano

Drew De Four: Love & Politics on a Piano
Title: Love & Politics on a Piano
Label: CD Baby

In 2007, Drew toured the US, UK, and Ireland again (following most of the same route he had orchestrated with Justin McNicholl the year before). This time, however, Drew toured solo and without the company of his good friend (Justin had accepted a full-time job in Stirling, Scotland). During this tour, Drew focused on what he could execute as a one man band. Classical and stride piano, boogie-woogie, blues, beat-boxing, and a focus on the percussive nature of the piano lead Drew to write 'Love and Politics on a Piano.' The title comes from the two main lyrical foci of the album: songs about family and friends, and songs about sociopolitical issues. Chris DuRoss (from Big Sky Recording) was recruited to travel with Drew to different pianos around Michigan to experiment with various sounds and recording techniques for each song. The result is what Drew describes as: 'one of my favorite albums from a song-writing standpoint, but sonically very crude and all over the place. Chris did a hell of a job mixing and mastering this thing after all the ridiculous methods I used. Out of tune pianos, poor acoustic spaces, vocals recorded in churches or in my living room closet under a quilt for isolation, and just general lack of engineering know-how on my part... I'm very proud of it, but I think one day I might re-record the entire album with a band in a professional studio environment... simply call it 'Love and Politics.''

1.1 Fear
1.2 Nobody
1.3 Bad Tradition
1.4 Man You Loved
1.5 It's All Good
1.6 About Love
1.7 Mr. McNicholl
1.8 Rich Kid Blues
1.9 Bargain Boogie
1.10 Ku Town Ku
1.11 Thumbs
1.12 My Own Way
1.13 American Idle
1.14 Huck Finn

Drew De Four: Love & Politics on a Piano

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