Drmcnt: Rx-Bounces

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Release Date: 01/21/2022
Artist: Drmcnt

Title: Rx-Bounces
Label: Wrong Speed Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

He's back and in full effect. Rhys Llewellyn aka DRMCNT finally drops his long awaited 'RX-Bounces' set on the ever wonderful Wrong Speed Records and it doesn't disappoint from beginning to end. Armed with his minimal Roland / Yamaha set up he gets to work making some seriously jumpy electronic jams that put a whole heap of producers out there to shame. From the get-go you're in. 'Negative Response' is a clipped electro breaker in the 430 West mode while 'Brudenel Dreams' starts one way then flips completely the other with a very clever bass drum and hi-hat riddim. Seriously good. Seriously fun for all. 'Galdem' takes the action a bit deeper with it's submerged drums and off kilter beats while 'Reality In Zero' adds some solar sci-fi on top of it's oriental percussion. Watch those bins with the Hardflooresque 'Hummdinger', check the chopped up breaks on 'True Supplier', get inside the nagging bassline on 'Uncase' and then let it all drift away with the closing 'Tea And The Tree'. It's all here. It's all amazing. One of the best electronic albums of the year hands down.

1.1 Negative Response
1.2 Brudenel Dreams
1.3 Galdem
1.4 Reality in Dreams
1.5 Hummdinger
1.6 True Supplier
1.7 Uncase
1.8 Tea and the Tree

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