Drudkh: Furrow Cut Short

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Artist: Drudkh

Artist: Drudkh
Title: Furrow Cut Short
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited orange colored vinyl LP pressing. One of Drudkh's most epic full-lengths to date, 2015's A Furrow Cut Short features the grandeur of seven huge, sweeping songs that draw inspiration from the genre's true roots. Eschewing speed and brutally for ambiance and mood, each piece is a journey downward giving pause only for a fell voice from the wilderness. Without a doubt, A Furrow Cut Short is black metal brilliance, and the ultimate statement of intent from a true genre leader. Mastermind Roman Sayenko is heavily drawing inspiration from 20th century Ukrainian poetry once more, which often deal with the bloody struggle of this old country to build a nation from foreign oppression. The album equally represents the blood soaked sound of black despair and full hearted resistance to vile treachery and evil as well as the beauty of landscapes and culture.

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