Drumetrics: Eastronic

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Artist: Drumetrics

Artist: Drumetrics
Title: Eastronic
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Drumetrics is proud to embark on the true essence of vintage library music: *Themes* This first chapter was produced with Inspiration of the 1960's - heavy underground psychedelic compositions from Eastern Countries. From the Middle East to Bombay India to further east - Indonesia & Japan... A trifecta production from MRR-MSK-ADB recorded on a 3 track reel to reel. All live instrumentation compositions that reminisce old vinyl sampling with minimal sound layers for producers to sample. Experimenting a more raw in the moment engineering/mixing with analogue vintage equipment & electronics. Capturing a few elements which lacked from most recordings 60 years ago, such as recording heavy low end hard to analogue tape. Resulting with a warm-saturated-compressed character.

1.1 Vulturon-2'19"
1.2 Bushibot-2'21"
1.3 Gerontogeous- 2'48"
1.4 Ikhon-2'38"
1.5 Dronesia-2'57"
1.6 Diploid-2'28"

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