Drunken Prayer

Drunken Prayer: Evangeline / Satin Sheets

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Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE
Artist: Drunken Prayer

Title: Evangeline / Satin Sheets
Label: Deer Lodge (Bur400)
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Limited seven inch vinyl pressing. Putting his spin on the Band's 'Evangeline' with help from Freakwater's Janet Beveridge Bean and backed with 'Satin Sheets,' written by Willis Alan Ramsey, Drunken Prayer delivers dark, late-night anthems for those that love their Americana outside the box. Whether it's the vinegar and honey duet between Geer and Bean, or the way Geer's voice can just cut through you with roughness, without losing the soothing melody, this single delivers two cuts of ragged roots music, unforgettable in both their starkness and their power. Even though they're both covers, Geer doesn't let the passion he exudes on his own material run dry, turning them into his own, with every word, every note, adopted and raised as if he created them.

1.1 Evangeline
2.1 Satin Sheets

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