Drysdales: Dakota

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Artist: Drysdales

Artist: Drysdales
Title: Dakota

This second effort from the Drysdales continues with their original power pop roots while surprising listeners with influences as diverse as prog, Americana, glam and 70's English rock! Original members Patrick Potts (vocals,guitars) and Ron Fox (lead guitars) are joined by Randy Meyers (drums/percussion) and Gerry Boicius (bass). All songs with one exception are composed by Patrick with Ron sharing credit on three. Guests who dropped by to add their talents include Scott Bennett (Beach Boys), Jon Brant (Cheap Trick), Brad Elvis (Romantics), Theron Mattick and Mike Konopka (who engineered and also co-produced Dakota).

1.1 My World
1.2 I Don't Care
1.3 Genuflex Jane
1.4 Beware
1.5 3 X
1.6 St. Paul
1.7 Amsterdam
1.8 Empty Home
1.9 Where I Wanted to Be
1.10 Jeepster

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