Drysocket: Individual Acts of Violence

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Drysocket

Title: Individual Acts of Violence
Label: CD Baby

From the darkest crawlspace at the most FUCKED UP abandoned house in the sickest neighborhood of your mind, comes Drysocket -- a 4 headed schizo pain junkie whose only pleasure comes in the form of your discomfort. It's new album, 'INDIVIDUAL ACTS OF VIOLENCE' is a journey through the mind of your average, every day lunatic - with a conscience. This mind altering 'trip' is more than just a collection of songs, but rather a glimpse at the madness which can occur --- when the voices in your head TAKE OVER. PLEASE ALSO CHECK OUT 'BROKEN VISIONS' OUR NEWEST RELEASE!!!

1.1 Act One
1.2 Lacerated Eye
1.3 Five Corners
1.4 Shaved, Sterilized and Destroyed
1.5 Old No. 7
1.6 Inexistance
1.7 Inhaled
1.8 Alter of Brutality
1.9 Without Words (Of a Fallen Mind)
1.10 420

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