Du Bois, Clare & Ezekiel

Du Bois, Clare & Ezekiel: Song of Songs

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Artist: Du Bois, Clare & Ezekiel
Title: Song of Songs

The lyrics were taken directly from the Song of Songs in the Scriptures. Our intention in recording the song was to help Christians enter into a chaste and pure love experience with Christ, their Heavenly Bride groom. Using the simple acoustic guitar, Ezekiel (as Jesus) sings to Clare (Christ's Bride) and she answers with the spoken word. We worked on this piece for about four to six hours three nights in a row, composing and recording it live in a church loft. At the time we were just friends, but as Providence would have it, several months later God revealed a bigger plan for us and we were married. At the time, both of us had a espousal relationship with Christ, and shared many of our experiences with Him, as well as the trials that come with a passionate commitment to Him. We currently have written a book of our Bridal experiences in Heaven with Jesus, Chronicles of the Bride, which will be off the press in March of 2010, available on our web site, HeartDwellers.org. It is available now in PDF format. We believe that Jesus wants more of us than a personal relationship, that the longing of His Heart is to have an intimately familiar relationship with His Bride where He dwells in her (the soul is feminine) heart continuously and she dwells in Him and they truly are One. Christians of all ages have recognized the Church as the Bride of Christ and Song of Songs as an allegory of His love for her, and her profound love for Him. Composed and recorded live, in a church loft, Song of Songs was recently remastered. Please excuse the occasional white noise which we found impossible to completely eradicate. We sincerely hope and pray that listening to Songs brings you deeper in your relationship and commitment to Christ Jesus, your Heavenly Spouse.

1.1 Song of Songs - Ezekiel ; Clare Du Bois

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