Eddy, Duane: The Jamie Singles Sessions

Duane Eddy: The Jamie Singles Sessions
Title: The Jamie Singles Sessions
Label: Jamie / Guyden

(3-CD set) with 75 tracks on 3 CDs and music and photos never previously released, this is the ultimate collection of Duane Eddy's spectacular career as the original guitar god and pioneering top 40 instrumentalist. Starting with his first Jamie single in 1958, the set covers every single Duane Eddy release on Jamie Records. The releases are supplemented with session outtakes, undubbed alternative takes, studio chat and previously unreleased original music that fill out and bring alive Duane's early career. No less important are the contribution and methods of Duane's producer Lee Hazelwood, himself a legend of rock 'n roll history.

1.1 Moovin' N' Groovin'
1.2 Up and Down
1.3 The Raid
1.4 Rebel 'Rouser
1.5 Rebel 'Rouser [Undubbed] [Version]
1.6 Stalkin'
1.7 Stalkin' [Undubbed] [Version]
1.8 Ramrod
1.9 The Walker
1.10 Cannonball
1.11 Mason Dixon Lion
1.12 The Lonely One
1.13 Detour
1.14 Yep!
1.15 Yep! [Undubbed-Unedited] [Version]
1.16 Three-30-Blues
1.17 Three-30-Blues [Unedited] [Version]
1.18 Forty Miles of Bad Road
1.19 Forty Miles of Bad Road [Alt. Dub] [Alternate Take]
1.20 Montreal Girl
1.21 The Quiet Three
1.22 The Quiet Three [Undubbed] [Version]
1.23 Some Kind-A Earthquake
1.24 Some Kind-A Earthquake [UK Version] [Version]
1.25 Some Kind-A Earthquake [Alt. Dub] [Alternate Take]
1.26 First Love, First Tears
1.27 First Love, First Tears [Undubbed] [Version]
2.1 Bonnie Came Back
2.2 Lost Island
2.3 Lost Island [Alt. Flute] [Alternate Take]
2.4 Shazam!
2.5 Shazam! [Alternate Take]
2.6 The Secret Seven
2.7 The Secret Seven [Undubbed] [Version]
2.8 Because They're Young
2.9 Because They're Young [Alt. Dub] [Alternate Take]
2.10 Rebel Walk
2.11 Rebel Walk [Undubbed] [Version]
2.12 The Girl on Death Row
2.13 The Girl on Death Row [Alt. Dub] [Alternate Take]
2.14 Words Mean Nothing
2.15 Kommotion
2.16 Kommotion [Undubbed] [Version]
2.17 Kommotion [Female Chorus] [Version]
2.18 Theme for Moon Children
2.19 Theme for Moon Children [Alternate Take]
2.20 Back Porch
2.21 Peter Gunn
2.22 Along the Navajo Trail
2.23 Along the Navajo Trail [Undubbed] [Version]
2.24 Pepe
2.25 Lost Friend
3.1 Gidget Goes Hawaiian
3.2 Theme from Dixie
3.3 Dixie [Yep! Session Take] [Take]
3.4 Ring of Fire
3.5 Ring of Fire [Soundtrack Version] [Version]
3.6 Bobbie
3.7 Drivin' Home
3.8 Drivin' Home [Undubbed] [Version]
3.9 Tammy
3.10 My Blue Heaven
3.11 Along Came Linda
3.12 Along Came Linda [Undubbed] [Version]
3.13 The Avenger
3.14 The Avenger [Session Take] [Take]
3.15 Londonderry Air
3.16 The Battle
3.17 The Battle [Undubbed] [Version]
3.18 Trambone
3.19 Runaway Pony
3.20 Runaway Pony [Undubbed] [Version]
3.21 Just Because
3.22 Rebel Rouser
3.23 Movin' N' Groovin'

Eddy, Duane: The Jamie Singles Sessions

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