Duane Eubanks

Duane Eubanks: Things of That Particular Nature

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Duane Eubanks

Title: Things of That Particular Nature
Label: Sunnyside

This is a relaxed set that nonetheless bristles with optimism and exploratory drive, toughened by challenging melody lines and taut horn blends that sometimes recall the Jazz Messengers-showing the influence, perhaps, of the late pianist and former Messenger Mulgrew Miller, whom trumpeter/flugelhornist Duane Eubanks cites as a mentor and role model.

1.1 Purple, Blue, and Red
1.2 As Is
1.3 Rosey
1.4 Holding Hands
1.5 Beer ; Water
1.6 Anywhere's Paradise
1.7 Dance with Aleta
1.8 Aborted Dreams
1.9 Slew Footed
1.10 P

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