Dub Oven: Skin 'n' Bones

Dub Oven: Skin &
Title: Skin 'n' Bones
Label: Music from Memory
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Music From Memory present a reissue of Dub Oven's self-released, 1983 EP Skin 'N' Bones. Pioneers in the post punk industrial and new wave scene in '80s San Francisco, Gary Miles (Voice Farm) and Blaise Smith (Minimal Man), met in December of 1982, and enlisted soul vocalist Celeste Miller for this EP. All three tracks embody a signature groove and an inventive synthesized abstraction to express a languishing urban unsettledness and spiritual awareness. Utilizing analog electronics and instrumentation, the record draws on elements of dub, new wave, soul, and funk to create an uncategorizable sound. Produced by Marco Perry (Björk).

1.1 Skin 'N' Bones
1.2 Dub Oven
1.3 Millions of Sensations

Dub Oven: Skin 'n' Bones

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