Duce2Uce: Ovations & Inovations

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Duce2Uce

Title: Ovations & Inovations
Label: CD Baby

This album was a collaborative effort to create a new genre of music. F.O.R.J.H.A, is the name of that genre and it stands for Funk Orchestra Rock Jazz and Hip-Hop Arrangements; a mixture of all genre's. The music done on this album is very experimental, and is definitely something that will need to be heard more then once. Some songs will make you want to dance such as Club Hoppin, Mass Destruction, or Gemini. Other songs will make you think like Death lyrically, and maybe you will also realize when you hear it that the artist is rapping in waltz time which is a three count instead of a four count that most songs are in. (Rewind) is another glimpse of the artist depth when he takes you back in time to some of his past experiences and uses an old school style of rap when he approaches this magnificent song. What more to say but to buy the album, and tell a friend it's absolutely breath taking beginning to end.

1.1 Intromental
1.2 Gemini
1.3 10HK
1.4 Xplostion
1.5 Club Hopp'n
1.6 My #1 Fan
1.7 All U Wanta Do Is
1.8 Death
1.9 One Night
1.10 Rewind
1.11 Mass Destruction
1.12 Fey

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