Duda Lucena

Duda Lucena: Duda Lucena Quartet-Live

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Artist: Duda Lucena

Artist: Duda Lucena
Title: Duda Lucena Quartet-Live

It is easy to find originality in Duda Lucena. His music has truth, combining rhythms and textures to shape a new style of song. With rich melodies and harmonies, he creates an atmosphere of romance and sincerity. At the same time, Lucena reveals his playful and modern style showcasing the best qualities of Brazilian music. Lucena's original compositions and performances are centered upon Brazilian bossa nova, baião and samba but also incorporate the African roots of the sophisticated jazz and blues movement. 'Duda Lucena is a creative personfueled by an energy that is natural. The force field he creates is formed by tendencies that are organic and humane. There is a lot going on in his mind, heart and soul but the purity of his efforts create an aura that can only come from a real artist - one that is purposeful, focused and moving toward the light.' Jack McCray (Jazz Writer, Post & Courier, Charleston, SC)

1.1 Lugar Comum
1.2 Corcovado
1.3 Sina
1.4 Sol
1.5 Trilhos Urbanos
1.6 Dr O
1.7 Odara

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