Duke Adkisson

Duke Adkisson: Stormking

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Artist: Duke Adkisson

Artist: Duke Adkisson
Title: Stormking

THANX hard blues wailin' torch paean to curbside courtesans, carnal persuasions, and backstreet treats---my, my, mercy. Tasty licks courtesy of 'Smitty' Michael Smith---big blues bump by Pat 'Moneyshot' Mehan. COMMON GROUND some positive thoughts regarding where we might get to if we can get over ourselves---show me. AMAZED BY LOVE expresses the vertigo of realizing you have fallen---fantastic sax blown by Steve Munger, romantic keys from Brent Pendleton. BLOODGROOVE explores the enigma of the 'shift' in MMXII---get your kicks before the shit-house blows! Backwards guitar weirdness via Smitty. RAINY DAY LADY an affectionate acoustic afterthought---reveals why Jesus made Seattle under protest. BEGUILED moves into the holodimensional fringe of addiction, alternate personalities, and clarity in the eye of the storm. LITANY pushes a haunting Celtic folk-riff with layered electric mayhem to climax---explodes in a soundscape of DeMillian intensity! SUP (Suspiciously Unspecific Phluff) it's good to ya' and good fo' ya'---super-sax-section by Munger, soulful keys from Brent. MEAD is honey---achin' blues harp by Mark Brosz. STORMKINGGNIKMROTS MOONDOG is for John Lennon. MDDRDX takes it back to the crossroads for negotiations with the darkside---revisits the seminal blues exchange which creates our magnificent obsession. Duke Adkisson---vox/guitar Bruce Whitcomb---bass/keys/fademaster Pat 'Moneyshot' Mehan---drums 'Smitty' Michael Smith---guitar Steve Munger---SAX Brent Pendleton---keys (Amazed By Love/SUP) Mark Brosz---blues harp Scott McDivot---drums (Amazed By Love/SUP) Engineered/Produced by Bruce Whitcomb for ARCADE RECORDING/RED ARROW RECORDS Mastered at BANDIT AUDIO by Mark Greer Graphix by Paul Hjelm and Duke MUSIC & LYRICS DUKE ADKISSON All Selections Copyright 2010 WDAdkisson/BIN666Unlimited All Rights Reserved STORMKING information/lyrics at BIN666.com.

1.1 THNX!
1.2 Common Ground
1.3 Amazed By Love
1.4 Bloodgrove
1.5 Rainy Day Lady
1.6 Beguiled
1.7 Litany
1.8 Sup
1.9 Mead
1.10 Stormking
1.11 Moondog

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