Dulahan: Mist of the Irish Sky

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dulahan

Title: Mist of the Irish Sky
Label: CD Baby

Dulahan's 4th CD project is another set of all original Celtic tunes penned by lead vocalist Kyle Aughe . Mist of the Irish Sky is the bands 4th CD again takes the unique Dulahan sound to another level with solid instrumental layers and melodies throughout behind the driving vocal harmonies that the band is known for. With Mist of the Irish Sky Dulahan creates another chapter of a refreshing blend of traditional and contemporary celtic.

1.1 Mist of the Irish Sky
1.2 Wallowin' Sin
1.3 The Wild Geese of Ireland
1.4 Edinbro Girl
1.5 Edinbro Barndance
1.6 Father Corby
1.7 Praties and Point
1.8 Kilmainham Gaol
1.9 Tammy O'Shea
1.10 The Galway Busker
1.11 The Piper
1.12 What You Do
1.13 Door to Door
1.14 Scars of Our Resistance

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