Aynsley Dunbar

Aynsley Dunbar: Remains to Be Heard

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Aynsley Dunbar

Artist: Aynsley Dunbar
Title: Remains to Be Heard
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Digitally re-mastered edition of this 1970 album from the veteran British drummer and his band Retaliation. Curiously by the time this album saw the light of day, the Liverpool-born drummer who gave the group it's name had left leaving singer, keyboardist and front man Victor Brox to man the reins. But let this take nothing away from an album that is as accomplished and varied as any of it's predecessors, as Brox enlists an assortment of talented musicians to complete what is a worthy addition, and end, to the Retaliation catalog.

1.1 Invitation to a Lady
1.2 Blood on Your Wheels
1.3 Downhearted
1.4 Whistlin' Blues
1.5 Keep Your Hands Out
1.6 Sleepy Town Sister
1.7 Fortune City
1.8 Put Some Love on You
1.9 Bloody Souvenir
1.10 Toga

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