Duncan Browne: Give Me Take You [Bonus Tracks] [Reissue]

Duncan Browne: Give Me Take You [Bonus Tracks] [Reissue]
Title: Give Me Take You [Bonus Tracks] [Reissue]
Label: Grapefruit

Digitally remastered and expanded edition of this 1968 album including 11 bonus tracks. Former Rolling Stones manager Andrew Oldham signed the late Duncan Browne to his record label, Immediate, in 1967. Oldham duly oversaw the recording of Duncan's 1968 debut album Give Me Take You, which only received limited distribution due to Immediate's crippling financial problems. Now widely acknowledged as a genuine UK Baroque Pop/Psychedelic Folk classic, Give Me Take You has long been a heavily sought-after album on the collectors' circuit. It has also attracted significant critical acclaim, being described by one monthly music magazine as "an English Astral Weeks", and regularly compared to such masterpieces as the Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society, the Zombies' Odyssey & Oracle and Nick Drake's Five Leaves Left. Grapefruit. 2009.

1.1 Give Me Take You
1.2 Ninepence Worth of Walking
1.3 Dwarf in a Tree (A Cautionary Tale)
1.4 The Ghost Walks
1.5 Waking You (Part 1)
1.6 Chloe in the Garden
1.7 Waking You (Part 2)
1.8 On the Bombsite
1.9 I Was, You Weren't
1.10 Gabilan
1.11 Alfred Bell
1.12 The Death of Neil
1.13 On the Bombsite (Demo)
1.14 The Cherry Blossom Fool
1.15 Give Me, Take You (Rehearsal)
1.16 Ninepence Worth of Walking (Rehearsal)
1.17 On the Bombsite (Rehearsal)
1.18 I Was, You Weren't (Rehearsal)
1.19 The Death of Neil (Rehearsal)
1.20 On the Bombsite (Mono Single Version)
1.21 Alfred Bell (Mono Single Version)
1.22 Here and Now (Recorded As Lorel)

Duncan Browne: Give Me Take You [Bonus Tracks] [Reissue]

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